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Raimont Matte Styling Clay


Raimont Matte Styling Clay maintains your natural hair color, adds a matte finish and makes it pliable in almost any way, giving you the freedom to style as you desire all day long. Worried about your hair getting a little sweaty and falling down? No problem, our strong-hold formula is designed to keep your hair in place even during the most unexpected situations.


  • All Day Strong Hold.
  • Shine-Free Matte Finish.
  • Improves Texture & Thickness.
  • Ideal for all Hair Styles.
  • All Natural.
  • 4 oz


Scoop a small amount from the tin. Try going for a very thin spread - the equivalent of a nickel’s worth of product.

Dampen and warm between your palms. This makes it easier to spread the product. You could even add a little water to help thin out the consistency so there are no lumps when you apply.

Start by applying to the ends of damp hair. Smooth it on with the palms of your hands, but don’t apply any to the bulk of your hair to start with, instead focusing on moving product around the top, outer layer of hair.

Evenly distribute the product. Make sure to work it in from your scalp to the tips of your hair.

Repeat. Build up the amount of product used until you get the effect and hold you’re after.


Purified Water, White Kaolin Clay, Grapeseed Oil, Bees Wax, Bentonite Clay, Leucidal SF


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