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Pre Shave Oil
Pre Shave Oil

Pre-Shave Oil - Unscented


Our Unscented Pre-Shave Oil is the first step towards the perfect shave. Pre-Shave Oil softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave. The Unscented Pre-Shave Oil is formulated with a unique blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils and is suitable for all beard types.


  • Formulated without synthetic dyes and alcohol.
  • Formulated with Olive and Castor oils.


  • Raimont Pre-Shave Oil helps protect against irritation and razor burn by promoting razor glide.

Note: While this is an unscented product, it does smell of lavender because of the lavender oil used in its formulation.

 3.4 fl oz

Before shaving, rub a small amount of Pre-Shave Oil onto your hands and massage into the beard. Lather up with Raimont Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap on top of the Pre-Shave Oil and shave. Rinse after shaving. For great results, follow with Raimont After-Shave Balm.


Castor Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, Clove Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Black Pepper Oil
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